We recommend that you arrive in Washington DC with enough time so you can set up and create art on Sunday January 20th at locations that interest you artistically and places where you will be visible to the passers by somewhere around the Washington Mall. This is is our day to conduct artistic research and outreach.

We encourage you to drop by the A Thousand Artists Meeting Room at the Hotel Harrington and pick up your hats, jumpsuits, stickers and postcards. We will have snacks, hand warmers and other supplies and information available.  Please let us know if you or any body you know is interested in volunteering.

Inauguration Day, Monday January 21st:  

We will gather at 12th Street and Constitution along the Washington Mall two hours before the Inauguration commences.  We believe that we will meet at around noon.  We will position ourselves like a beehive of artists towards the back of the inauguration viewers. We will text those of you with cell phones with the latest info.  We will need to be flexible.   We encourage everyone to attempt to stay together as a group and we know that you are artists and may want to do your own thing at other locations.  We do ask that you adhere to the agreements below.  We especially ask that you focus on your art making with the presence of a monk walking on hot coals.  

A Thousand Artists Inauguration Ball

We are planning a celebration somewhere in Washington DC or nearby.  This will be an opportunity to share artwork and stories and to enjoy food and drink.  


Wear warm clothes with a waterproof layer that will go underneath your A Thousand Artists jumpsuit.  We recommend that you wear ear cuffs or a beanie of some sort to wear underneath your orange A Thousand Artists hat.  (Note: While we would really like you to share the joy of wearing our A Thousand Artists uniform, there is no requirement to do so.) 


We are working hard to think of creative low cost lodging solutions to make your stay in DC affordable and pleasant.  Please let us know if you know people who can host artists or if you have other ideas for where people can stay.  Here are some possibilities that we have come up with so far:

The Hotel Harrington is located in the heart of Washington, D.C.'s world famous tourist district. Just ½ block from Pennsylvania Avenue, between the Capitol and the White House, you can easily walk to all the sights you would like to see. To expand your range, our superior subway system, Metro, is just two blocks away. 

We have reserved three nights at the Hotel Harrington, January  19, 20th and 21st: 10 rooms with one queen bed for $477.48 (including tax) and 10 rooms with two double beds for $511.83 (including tax).  To reserve your space at the special group rate you need to pay us in advance for all three days.  Please email us at registrar@athousandartists.com

Couchsurfing.com is a wonderful site where you can find people who may have availability to host you during your stay in Washington DC.


I agree to quietly make art on January 20th on or around the Washington DC Mall and to join the group of A Thousand Artists on January 21st on the Washington Mall right when the Presidential Inauguration is occurring nearby. 

I agree to be as focused as possible and to work from deep inside my art making process, ideally like a monk who walks on hot coals, as I quietly make art in public on these two days.

I agree to respond to the moment, and to avoid using preconceived ideas.  I will bring art supplies, however I will not plan the content of my creation.  I know there is no pressure for me to complete art work at this event.

I agree to make whatever comes to me on those days in history.  The artwork I create is my own.  The copyright is my own. 

I agree to not put my work up for sale during the A Thousand Artists Inauguration event on the Washington Mall.  Afterwards, I can sell my work.

The group vibe will be like a beehive of people creating. I can choose to join various collaborative art making projects or just stay focused on my own work.

I agree to clean up so that there is no trace of my having made art on the Washington Mall. 

I know that I will speak with another art maker either in person or on the phone as part of joining the community of A Thousand Artists and that I will be invited to speak to new participants.  This way we can be connected and share our intentions for this public art-making installation.