Art and Democracy

“I’m not putting a focus on partisan politics,” says Purchin, who painted the RNC commotion from a post outside of a nearby flower shop. “The way I’m approaching it is not to come in with a ‘rah rah rah Obama’ or Romney message. I want to see how I can find personal expression and beauty and to empathize with whatever I’m with, and I might learn things.”

A local artist’s quest to introduce art into U.S. politics
an interview with Andrew in Santa Cruz Good Times online:

Andrew Purchin to go to Tampa Florida to Make Art at the Republican National Convention on Aug 27th from there he will Make Art at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte N.C.

Come Join Him!

You can help document and support this A Thousand Artists excursion and/or you  make art of all kinds at the two main political conventions.  We will be passing out postcards and stickers and maybe selling A Thousand Artists hats.

If possible we will have extra art supplies on hand and encourage people who pass by to make art so as to reflect their personal experience of that moment. 

Contact andrew@athousandartists.comto get involved or for more information.

And a brief workshop on the skills and dynamics of making art in public.
And an introduction to:  A Thousand Artists, the public art-making installation which will occur at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration no matter who is the president and no matter what the weather is. 


We will make art in public with the focus of monks walking on hot coals.


When multitudes of people create art in public, more people will want to make art, and the more people engaged in the making, the more they become active, creative, and engaged citizens.

We provide Refreshments.  You bring art supplies and your creative spirit.

More info or to volunteer:  andrew@athousandartists.com